Race results for Saturday, August 23rd

We had yet again, a great night of racing put on by our drivers on Saturday August 23rd. Congrats to our winners for the night at Wheel2Wheel Raceway! 

Intermediate Class
1st Place – 3r Stevie Rogers 
2nd Place – 9 Corben Sabers
3rd Place – Trent Johnson 

Restrictor Class
1st Place – 35 Eric Englert
2nd Place – 14 Bryson Carberry
3rd Place – 20 Jason Purkey

500 Class
1st Place – 35 Eric Englert
2nd Place – 57 Jeff Hinz
3rd Place – 5 Hunter Williams

A VERY special thank you to all our workers at Wheel2Wheel Raceway who dedicate themselves week in and week out to helping us put on a good show. Steve Schnarzy our normal track photographer became our fill in flag man last minute and did a fantastic job. Thank you for always being willing to step up to the plate and your commitment to our race family.

Be sure to be on the look out for an updated points standings shortly! Thanks again to all for coming out and hope to see you soon!