500 Class

Speedway Sprint 500 Class

2021 Season Drivers

(Drivers please send us your photo or changes/additions to be made to wheel2wheelracewayvv@gmail.com)


Name: Jacob Rogers     Nickname: Rogie

Car Number: 2

Birth Date: 03/01/1989        Age: 31

Hometown: Glen Avon, CA

Crew Chief: Steve Rogers – dad

Marital Status & Children: Married          Occupation: Carpenter

Sponsors: SMR Construction, DelMar Wire, DCH Roasters

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: 2nd year at Wheel2Wheel Raceway, 6 years of stock car racing at Irwindale, 2 years of Cal Lightening sprints


Name: Stevie Rogers  Nickname: Magoo

Car Number: 3R

Birth Date: 04/27/2004  Age: 16

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Car Owner/Crew Chief: Steve Rogers – Dad

Sponsors: Del-Mar Wire, DCH Roasters,  SMR Construction

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: Been racing since the age of 3,  3rd place in Restrictor Plate class 2018, 3rd in points for Intermediate Class 2017, 2nd Place in Points Champions for Intermediate Class 2016, loves to beat the boys on the track, many podium finishes throughout her young career, several tracks records in 1/4 midgets


Name: John Aden    Nickname: Iceman

346__MG_8303Car Number: 7

Date: 11/19/1972

Hometown: Apple Valley, CA

Crew Chief: Ross Hartwig

Sponsors:  DJ Safety, Nutty Bolts, TNN Support, Jersey Mikes, K&N, Daytec, Battery Mart, Patterson Print Shops, Town and Country Tire, Rebel Oil

Marital Status & Children: Married to Crystal Aden, son Colin Aden, and daughters Kayla Pollard and Alyssa Pollard

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: 2019, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2002 Wheel2Wheel Raceway 500 Points Champion, 2002, 2006, 2012, 2014 Firecracker Derby Champion, 2018 Wheel2Wheel Raceway 2nd Place 500 Points Championship, 2018 and 2019 Champion Sprint Car Senior Class Perris Auto Speedway

Name and Nickname: Will “In-Town” Browne

Car Number: 8 Class: Speedway Sprint 500   Age: 17

Hometown: Glendora Crew Chief and Car Owner: Todd Browne – Dad

Future Occupation: Entrepreneur

Sponsors: Looking for sponsors

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: He has been racing at W2W since 2017, Rookie of the Year and 2nd Place in Championship Points at Irwindale Speedway in the Truck Series for 2020, 2nd Place in Championships Points at W2W 2020 500 Class

3 Fun Facts:

  1. Will drive anything that involves wheels and a motor
  2. First drive on dirt at age two
  3. Looking for sponsors


Name and Nickname: Carl Shockley 

Car Number: 14   Class: Speedway Sprint 500  Age: 63

Hometown: Victorville Crew Chief: Kent and Joey

Occupation: Truck Driver Married: Linda

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: Moto-X, Speedway, Sprint Cars

Name and Nickname: Jacob Crum – Jake

Car Number: 18 Class: Speedway Sprint 500   Age: 24

Hometown: Apple Valley Crew Chief: Chelsea – Fiance

Marital Status: Engaged

Occupation: Groundsman

3 Fun Facts:

  1. Races Offroad
  2. Social Butterfly
  3. Enjoys long walks on the beach



Name: Chad Agre     Nickname: Chadillac

Car Number: 28

Birth Date: 08/06/1985        Age: 33

Hometown: Beaumont, CA

Crew Chief: Dillon Agre

Marital Status & Children: Single          Occupation: RV Technician


Driver Career Highlights & Experience: 1st year at Wheel2Wheel Raceway, 2 years of Figure 8, 2 years of Superlate Model


Name: Teven Barden     

Car Number: 29

Birth Date: 05/13/98        Age: 21

Hometown: Victorville, CA

Crew Chief: Paul Jett

Marital Status & Children: Single

Sponsors: Barden’s Mobile Mechanics, Jett Racing

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: 14 years racing experience at Wheel2Wheel Raceway, 2020 will be Rookie year

3 Fun Facts: 

  1. 2 Championships at Wheel2Wheel
  2. BMX for National Championship
  3. Loves all sports


Name: Justin Taylor     Nickname: JT

Car Number: 33           Age: 20

Car Owner: Bobby Taylor         Crew Chief: Dad – Bobby Taylor

Birth Date: 11/17/1998

Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA

Sponsors: Dad and Mom, Taylor’s Trim Shop

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: 2018 Season Champion Restrictor Plate Class, 2017 Rookie of the Year Restrictor Plate Class, 2nd Place in Championship Points for 2017 in Restrictor Plate Class at Wheel2Wheel Raceway

3 Fun Facts: 

  1. Loves going to river
  2. Left handed
  3. Love wake boarding and snowboarding


Name: Buck Blair

Car Number: 39FullSizeRender-2

Birth Date: 03/21/1978  Age: 40

Hometown: Colorado

Crew Chief: Self

Sponsors: Silverwood Landscaping, Rockwell Drywall, CMU, Firehawk Protection

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: Speedway bikes, and Speedway Sprints, 2016 2nd place points Championship 500 Class

Fun Facts: Gilbert rocks – MANY trips, Single

Name and Nickname: Doug Staff  

Car Number: 48  Class: Speedway Sprint 500 & KT100   Age: 49

Hometown: Victorville Crew Chief: Ken Staff – Dad

Marital Status: Taken

Occupation: Truck Driver

Sponsors: Power Trucking

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: 35 years of racing


Name and Nickname: Justin Adams   

Car Number: 85    Class: Speedway Sprint 500 Age: 42

Hometown: Apple Valley Car Owner: Steve Adams

Marital Status & Children: Married, Son Jake Adams #58 in Restrictor Class

Occupation: Mechanic

Sponsors: Carlin Fabrication, AP Fab


Name: Steve Adams

Car Number: 85

Car Owner & Crew Chief : Self

Birth Date: 09/24/54  Age: 64

Hometown: Hesperia, CA

Sponsors: AP Fab Racing, Conveyor Specialties

Driver Career Highlights & Experience:  Rookie Year at Wheel2Wheel Raceway



Name: Kendall Scheidender

Car Number: 98

Car Owner & Crew Chief : Self

Birth Date: 02/03/80  Age: 39

Nickname: Have several, none can be said publicly

Hometown: Hesperia, CA

Sponsors: KSR Enterprises

Driver Career Highlights & Experience:  Have ran at just about every paved oval on the left coast – Pro-4, NASCAR Super Late Models, Outlaw Figure 8, Lucas Oil Off Road, Rookie Year at Wheel2Wheel Raceway


Name: Bobby Taylor

Car Number: 766   Age: 52

Birth Date: 7/22/66

Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA

Sponsors: Self

Driver Career Highlights & Experience: NHRA World Champion Top Alcohol Dragster, 2017 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Rookie of the Year 500 Class, 3rd place for 2018 Championship in the 500 Class

Fun Facts:

  1. Likes to eat
  2. Gone faster than most people 275 MPH
  3. Works a lot



Hal Blair #69

Ryan Tippets #8

Kenny Perkins #0

Jim Scollard #23