What is Wheel2Wheel Raceway?

Wheel2Wheel Raceway is a family owned and operated, 1/8 mile 7 degree banked oval dirt raceway. 2021 will be our 21st season, located at the SBC Fairgrounds in Victorville, California. We race Speedway Sprints, Dirt Karts and Mowers throughout the entire season and have drivers ranging from 4 years old to 81 years old. We have 4 different  classes in our Speedway Sprint class including Intermediate Jr, Intermediate, Restrictor Plate Class, and 500 Class. Our Dirt Karts include KT100’s, Dirt Kart Senior and Juniors. 2021 season will also include a full season of SoCal Mowers. In addition we race Pit Bikes 150cc and less various times throughout the year. It is the home track for the Speedway Sprint Cars fabricated by Wheel2Wheel Racing.  If you want to race with our Wheel2Wheel family or find out about rental car options call us at 760-247-3987  or 760-713-1301 for more information.





Here are some racing highlights from July 4th 2017 Firecracker Derby Race

June 20th Race Highlights 

 June 20th Race Highlights – Girls Rule

What are Speedway Sprints?

Speedway Sprints are designed for the dirt track racing enthusiast that wants to feel the rush and excitement of a full size sprint car and  at an affordable price. We have 4 classes of Speedway Sprints that are based on age, skill and comfort level – Intermediates, Intermediate Juniors, Restrictor, and 500. Currently our drivers range in ages from 4-70+ and from 40lbs-300lbs. We customize each speedway sprint to fit your size and needs. They are based on a caged cart design and the Restrictor and 500 class incorporate a 500cc single cylinder engine that runs on alcohol.

Engine Specifications:

Max Power Output 65 hp – Max RPM 9000 – Fuel Methanol

1-Cylinder – 4-Valve – Air-Cooled

*There is also an 9 H.P intermediate version for the younger racers*

Chassis Specification:

Length Overall: 7′-8″ Width Overall 4′-8″ Height Overall 3′-8″

Left Rear Tire: 12 x 8 x 6   Right Rear Tire: 12 x 9 x 6

Brakes: Single Rear Disc – 5 pt harness required

                               Race Recap – June 2nd, 2018 Fast Returns Shake Up The Points

BY: Sam ‘Smash’ Oshins

VICTORVILLE- On Saturday June 2nd Wheel2Wheel Raceway kicked off its summer swing and did not disappoint, the night was highlighted by some massive returns of championship favorites Buck Blair and Bill Martin.

The Intermediate class kicked things off with a sibling rivalry at the top two steps of the podium as Stevie Simpson picked up the win and defending champ Ricky Simpson continued his title defense. ‘The Bandit’ Brayden Miller-Bushey moved into fourth in the points with a third place finish. Class veterans Cash Culp and Braden Streuter rounded out the top five.

In the Junior Dirt Karts they continued to keep the points race tight as Lydia Brown grabbed the victory and closes Cash Culp’s point lead to five. Culp cashed in all his nickels and dimes and grabbed the silver step on the podium, newcomer Ashton Perfect closed out the podium. Championship contenders Dax ‘Big D’ Rucker and Cole Browne added on to their points finishing 4th and 5th respectively.

The Senior Dirt Karts saw the return of defending champ ‘Wild’ Bill Martin after a two race hiatus. Martin earned the victory and on a side note if Wheel2Wheel had a hall-of-fame Martin would definitely be in it. Jefro Blalock finished second and currently leads the class by two points over last years rookie of the year and this weeks second runner up Ryan Bond.

Restrictor plate class rookies continue to impress as Stevie Rogers finished third on the night and stands at third in the points behind class vet Justin Taylor and fellow rookie Trent Johnson. Johnson holds on to the points lead by one point after a fifth place finish, Taylor won the evening to continue his ascent to the top. One of the elder statesman of the class John Estes finished second holding off Rogers and Christian Lockmann.

Another return to the track was last years third place point finisher Buck Blair. Blair blew his motor in the season opener and on Saturday he put the 500 Pro class on notice by dominating the main event. Former class champions John Aden and John Alonso rounded out the podium and currently sit second and third in the points behind Nate Robinson. Robinson rounded out the top five finishing behind Blair, Aden, Alonso and Bobby Taylor.

Wheel2Wheel will be back in action Saturday June 16th at 6pm in an evening sponsored by AlarmCo.

Gates open at 5pm, but until then stay up to date with everything Wheel2Wheel by checking out our socials.

Until next time don’t miss a minute of the fastest side-by-side wild ride in the High Desert!

Race Recap May 12th, 2018 Race Number Three Sets A New Record!

By: Sam ‘Smash’ Oshins

Saturday May 12th was a spectacular late spring evening for some fuel burning, mud slinging, madness.

Wheel2Wheel Raceway held it’s third race of the 2018 campaign with Vanilla Ice sound checking in the background.

A new track record was set as a whopping twenty intermediate drivers showed up to duke it out on the fastest eighth mile around.

So with twenty cars came some format changes instead of the normal two heats the drivers were split into three, also only two drivers advanced out of the dash and the last chance qualifier only advanced one to the main.

Keep in mind the drivers in this class can be as young as 4 years old, to say there was a lot of pressure would be an understatement, however for class veteran Braden Streuter pressure wasn’t an issue as he became the first repeat winner of the season. Class mainstay’s Sean Rogers and Jayden Manchester rounded out the podium with last years champion Ricky Simpson falling one spot short.

In the junior dirt karts Cash Culp cashed in to become the second repeat winner in 2018. Cole Browne finished second and Lydia Browne held off newcomer Hannah Sellers to finish third.

In the Senior dirt karts class favorite ‘Wild’ Bill Martin was absent so things were wide open and the Beeson Boys took advantage as Gary Beeson grabbed the top spot holding off championship hopefuls Jefro Blalock and Ryan Bond.

Speaking of Ryan Bond he ran double duty on the night also finishing a career high fourth place in the Restrictor plate class. Will Browne grabbed his first victory of the season holding off impressive rookies Trent Johnson and Stevie Rogers.

In the 500 Pro class Bobby Taylor in a new car claimed gold just weeks after totaling a car in the first lap of the season. Championship contenders John Aden, Nate Robinson and John Alonso finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Wheel2Wheel also welcomed in some mini Dwarfs and they successfully spiced up the program.

After three races all the classes are looking very competitive. The intermediate class points are currently lead by Jayden Manchester with 20 points with Braden Streuter and Sean Rogers following closely behind with 15 and 16 points.

The Restrictor class is lead by rookie Trent Johnson with 21 points he is chased by another rookie in Stevie Rogers (16 pts) and one of the Championship favorites Justin Taylor (16 pts).

The JR karts standings are very close with Cash Culp at 23 points, Lydia Browne with 17 and Cole Browne and Dax Rucker tied for third at 15 points.

The SR karts are wild Jefro Blalock leads the class with 18 points but is only one point ahead of Ryan Bond, with the race victory Gary Beeson moves into a tie for third with Dacey Blalock.

In the pro class Nate Robinson holds the keys to the castle with 21 points followed by everyone’s favorite chimney sweep John Alonso with 18 points. Third place is a three horse race between veterans John Alonso and Bobby Taylor and 2017 Restrictor champ Daniel Smissen.

Wheel2Wheel Raceway will be back in action on Saturday June 2nd!

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BY: Sam ‘Smash’ Oshins

It’s no secret that Wheel2Wheel Raceway is a family affair; on Saturday in the pleasant desert evening the entire drive behind Wheel2Wheel raceway became a reality again!

The luck of the Irish finally came to fruition for the Blalock’s as Jefro and his son Dacey each grabbed their first track victories. Dacey won the senior dirt kart main event holding off veterans Ryan Bond and Heidi Erickson.

Another interesting note, Dacey’s win is the first step in the field’s attempt to dethrone reigning champion ‘Wild’ Bill Martin.

As for the elder Blalocks’ victory, Jefro fulfilled a promise he made in a recent interview by defeating John Aden in the open kart class.

However the Blalock’s weren’t the only first time victories.

In the 500 class, First Place Motorsports owner and class veteran Nate Robinson finally broke through holding off ‘ The Flying Chimney Sweep’ John Alonso and Bobby Taylor.

After last races insane rollover it’s great to see Bobby Taylor jump right back into the action and get a top 3 finish.

Speaking of jumping back into action Bobby’s son Justin Taylor grabbed his second consecutive win in the restrictor plate class holding off impressive rookie’s Trent Johnson and Stevie Rogers.

The trend of first time winners continued in the junior dirt karts as Cole Browne grabbed his first top step after holding off Lydia Browne and Cash Culp.

Speaking of money Cash Culp was on the money in the intermediate class and took the top spot on the podium holding off Jayden Manchester and Sean Rogers.

Race number three on the season for Wheel2Wheel Raceway will be Saturday May 12th, gates open at 5pm and racing start’s at 6pm.

In the meantime catch up with the updated points and driver profiles on Wheel2Wheelraceway.com

Until next time we cant wait to see you at the best side-by-side wild ride in the high desert!


A New Season, A Fresh Burst Of Excitement!

BY: Sam “Smash” Oshins

Photo By Smash / New Open Class Karts

Shaking of the rust and kicking up some new dust, the 2018 Wheel2Wheel Raceway season is officially underway! The engines roared to life Saturday April 15th, it was a wild night of racing that saw the awesome thrills and spills that the fastest eighth mile around always delivers.

With the new season comes new drivers and exciting changes to the track!

This season seems to have an influx of rookies, in the Restrictor Plate class; Intermediate veterans Braden Streuter, Stevie Rogers and Trent Johnson try their hand at mastering the art of going slide ways. In the Pro 500 class Veterans Bobby Taylor, John Aden and John Alonso are joined by 2017 Restrictor plate Champion Daniel Smissen.

Not only are there new drivers and fresh faces in different classes, there is an entirely new class that will run at Wheel2Wheel this season.

The ‘Open’ Kart class is the senior dirt karts on an extra shot of adrenaline, the sprint cars are no longer the only thing powered by 500 cc of dirt slinging power this new class sees drivers putting the power to weight ratio to its limits.

Defending SR. Kart Champion Bill Martin says that the new class is way to fast for somebody his age, “ It’s too crazy for someone my age but it is going to be a lot of fun to watch”.

Veteran driver Jefro Blalock on the other had is up for the challenge, “ It’s wild and I can’t wait for more competition”, Jefro went on, “ I will beat John Aden, more and more, it’s going to be a good time”!

Over the off-season W2W got a bit of a facelift as well, the grandstands got a fresh coat of sand colored paint and Tree’s Sugar, Salt and Soda Shack is bigger and badder. The old wooden shack has been replaced with a shipping container to match the track tower.

“ You need to see my new shack”, Tree continued, “ It is a big improvement and it looks and feels more like home”

So that pretty much catches us up on what’s new at the mechanical zoo, now to catch up on opening night.

Despite all the fresh faces veteran drivers were victorious in all five classes on opening night:

In the Intermediate class Braden Streuter made a statement by battling his way through the field to win his first race of the night and exits the night as points leader.

Speaking of the Restrictor Plate class Justin Taylor took the checkers and verified why he is one of the favorites to win the championship. Perhaps the most Impressive driver of the night was Trent Johnson who opened his rookie campaign with a second place finish, not only that but he won his first heat race ever in the class convincingly.

In the 500 Pro Class, 2017 runner- up John Aden won the opener and looks determined to win it all this year. Veterans Nate Robinson and John Alonso rounded out the podium, however the evening wasn’t to kind to championship hopefuls Buck Blair and Bobby Taylor. Blair didn’t make a lap as his motor blew up and Taylor’s car was mangled after a monster flip on lap one of the heats.

Cash Culp won the first JR. Kart race of the year, Chris Gregory Jr. and Dax Rucker celebrated their birthdays in style by finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

 Pictured: Dax “Big D” Rucker

In the Senior dirt karts “ Wild” Bill Martin began is his championship defense with a victory, while veteran Gary Beeson made his triumphant return to the track with a second place finish and Jefro Blalock finished third.

The mystery going into the evening was how is the new kart class going to be? Well it was entertaining despite the fact that only three drivers ran it. However the class is still in its prototypical phase and there are more drivers out there who are slated to join in.

John Aden won his second class of the night and the inaugural race, veteran karter Ronnie Benton came in second and Jefro Blalock doubled down on third places.

Race number two for the 2018 Wheel2Wheel Raceway campaign will be Saturday, April 28th gates open at 5pm and racing starts at 6!

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Crowns: The Finale of the 2016 season!


VICTORVILLE- The sky glowed a magnificent violet and the track reverberated with a blue hue, the night of the championships at Wheel2Wheel Raceway couldn’t have been more perfect. Coming into the Saturday night all the championship leaders had commanding leads, including Lyla Bonham’s 47-point lead, which is one of the largest in track history.

On that note, Bonham ended her dominant year and her tenure in the Intermediate class with a convincing half-track victory over Stevie Rogers,  who clinched second place in the points with a second-place finish. We also say goodbye to former Intermediate champion Corben Sabers, who ran his final laps at Wheel2Wheel as he is moving up to modifieds and finished the season in third place in the points by 3 points.

The most interesting class heading into the night was the Restrictor Plate class which saw Austin Brundage claim the championship b7 and finishing with a 27-point lead over veteran Randy Oshins. The closest battle of the night was for the bronze medal and Daniel Smissen won it in amazing fashion as he bounced off the wall to win the night and beat Kayla Pollard by a point.

Daniel Bennett came into the finale with a 20-point lead over former speedway biker Buck Blair. Bennett collided with Brundage and Thomas Southern early in the main event and flipped end over end seven times, and from the looks of the wreckage he totaled the championship-winning black 29 car. But despite an unexpected end of the season Bennett still cruised to a championship.

“I don’t really remember any of it,” Bennett said about the crash. “Oh yeah, it already hurts but I will be back for more,” he said about the aftermath and his return next season.

Bennett wasn’t the only 500 Pro class driver to have a wild night as Buck Blair secured the silver medal with a third-place finish, and the bronze was determined by two points as John Aden won the finale and leapfrogged over Nate Robinson.

Another title that was up for grabs in these three classes was the rookie of the year title. The deuces were wild for the 500 Pro class champion Bennett as he also claimed the rookie of the year honor for the second consecutive season. He also won his second championship in as many years and he finished second in the Senior Kart class on the evening. The other rookie of the year honors went to Daniel Smissen, who won it by a point over Kayla Pollard, and Braden Streuter won Intermediate rookie of the year.

We mustn’t forget the Kart classes. In the Junior Karts,  Maxwell Tippets claimed his first victory as he held of his sister Marilyn for almost the entire race.

The Senior Karts were busy as 13 Karts raced around the track in the finale and it came down to some late lead changes as Bill Martin claimed victory over hard chargers Rick Beeson, Bennett and Steve Schnars.

Overall, it was a great season at the fastest eighth mile around. We will see you in March for a brand new season at the fastest side-by-side, wild ride in the High Desert.

Tag! You’re It, Wheel2Wheel has a Team Challenge!

By: Sam Oshins| SMC NAU Correspondent


NOV 5th JR Kart Winner #58 Marilyn Tippets. Photo by: Steve Schnars

VICTORVILLE- It was a way cooler version of Pokémon GO out at Wheel2Wheel Raceway Saturday night, as the track held The Triple Up Team Challenge, teams comprised of drivers from three of the five classes were paired up and did battle.

Lyla Bonham, Marilyn Tippets and Bryan Folland edged out teams that had way more experience under their belts and won the challenge. Not only did her team win the team challenge, Tippets also won the JR Kart class for the second time in as many weeks.

Stevie Rogers won the Intermediate class and holds on to third place in the points and Rick Beeson returned to the top of the SR Kart podium after holding off newcomer Rob Marion.

With only one race left on the season it’s run and gun time for Restrictor and 500 class point leaders Austin Brundage and Daniel Bennett, as they looked to add some insurance points before championship weekend by winning their respective classes.

Wheel2Wheel Raceway’s Championship race will be held Saturday, Nov. 19 and it will be an early start. Racing starts at 5 p.m. and gates open at 4. Admission is $10 for adults $5 for kids and children under 5 are free.

The point standings are getting very interesting coming into the championships. Brundage currently holds a 23-point lead over Randy Oshins in the restrictor plate class and Bennett has a 20-point advantage on Buck Blair in the 500 pro class. Lyla Bonham has all but clinched a championship in the Intermediate class as she has a whopping 47-point lead over second place Corben Sabers.

The leaders may be locked into their positions but the rest of the field is not so. In the Intermediate class Stevie Rogers holds the second spot by one point over former champion Corben Sabers, and Trent Johnson is only 11 points under Sabers, so 2nd and 3rd place are up for grabs in that class.

The most intense battle will be in the restrictor plate class as Randy Oshins holds on to second place by 8 points over Kayla Pollard who is not only trying to get second but is also defending her third spot from Daniel Smissen and Kevin Oshins. Smissen trails Pollard by a measly 3-points and Kevin Oshins is trailing by 5 points. Pollard is the favorite to win rookie of the year as well.

In the 500 pro class, Buck Blair has secured a firm grip on second place as he holds a 17-point lead over Nate Robinson. Robinson isn’t safe though as track owner and former champion John Aden is only down a point and has been finding his groove as of late as he won the Halloween Spooktactular and finished in third on Saturday. So the big boys will battle for the bronze on championship weekend.

We mustn’t forget the Wheel2Wheel Karters as Marilyn Tippets goes for her third win in a row and Rick Beeson looks to close his season on a winning note. The So. Cal Oval Karters are also returning for the finale and they are set to turn up the heat.

Make sure to head on down to the finale of the best side-by-side wild ride in the High Desert on Nov. 19 and enjoy the colorful commentary of Tim “Chappy” Chapman and yours truly, as the champions are crowned.

Wheel2Wheel Raceway is located just off Route 66 (D street) at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville.

Posted October 25th, 2016

Wheel2Wheel Raceway Is Getting Wicked This Halloween!

Sam Oshins| NAU SMC Correspondent


 “DR.ADEN, MR. DRIVE” Photo By: Steve Schnars

VICTORVILLE- (Saturday) Spooks and spokes, crashes and slashes, villainy and victory, Halloween is coming early in the desert! Wheel2Wheel Raceway The Fastest Eighth Mile Around is hosting their annual Halloween Spooktacular this Saturday, Oct. 29.

Come dressed in your costumes and enjoy trick or treating after racing as the pits will be open for spectators to go from pit to pit to meet and greet with drivers. The track will also hold a costume contest where kids with best costumes can win tickets to future Wheel2Wheel events.

The terror on the track will not disappoint either as point leaders Lyla Bonham, Daniel Bennett and Austin Brundage look to torment their opponents. The 500 Pro class has become a two horse race with 3 races remaining on the season, as Bennett has a slim 10-point lead over Buck Blair!

The Wheel2Wheel Karters will also be there to devour your attention and entertain your minds. Will it be the batty Beeson brothers or the Wildman ‘Wild’ Bill Martin coming out on top, or will a surprise winner creep to the top of the heap?

Gates open at 5 p.m. and racing starts at 6. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for kids and children under five are free! We can’t leave out the monster behind the microphone, as the man with a thousand voices Tim “Chappy” Chapman will be your guide through the unknown. And remember fans speed can kill!


Race For The Rack: Wheel2Wheel Raceway, Lucky Mutha Cycles & The American Cancer Society Relay for Life

By: Sam Oshins| NAU SMC Correspondent


VICTORVILLE- This coming Saturday, Oct. 15 is the fourth annual Race For The Rack at The Fastest Eighth Mile Around Wheel2Wheel Raceway, gates open at 5 p.m. and racing starts at 6. This special night at the track, where a portion of the ticket proceeds go to The American Cancer Society and throughout the night there will be opportunities to raise money in support of breast cancer awareness and research.

Lucky Mutha Cycles is a proud sponsor of The Harley Hooligans and Race For The Rack; it will be the second Harley night of the season at the track. So if you have a killer bike and you want to show off you can park and display.

Some of the events that are being put on include a raffle and all the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Also Race For The Rack t-shirts will be available for purchase as well as breast cancer awareness light up water bottles.

Not only is all that happening but also the racing on the track includes Speedway Sprints and Dirt Karts.

Drivers to watch include Intermediate class point leader Lyla Bonham as she looks to increase her 44-point lead, she is also aiming to win in the JR. Karts.

In the SR. Karts look for a classic heads up battle between Rick Beeson and “Wild” Bill Martin, who continually push each other’s limits and prove that age doesn’t matter.

The Restrictor class is getting interesting as current point leader Austin Brundage has had two rough finishes heading into Race For The Rack and the “old man” of the class Randy “Smokem” Oshins has decreased Brundage’s point lead by 12 points. After a first and second place finishes consecutively Oshins only trails Brundage by 15 points with 4 races remaining.

In the Premi2016-sponsorser 500cc class look for a battle between rookie point leader Daniel Bennett and veterans John Alonso and Buck Blair.
So this Saturday night head on over to Wheel2Wheel Raceway located at the fairgrounds on 7th Street in Victorville, it’s sure to be a fun night and you can help support a great cause.


By: Sam Oshins/ Northern Arizona University SMC Correspondent| October 3rd,2016

bennett-2016Photo by: Steve Schnars

VICTORVILLE, Calif – SATURDAY Wheel2Wheel Raceway changed things up this weekend as they implemented a format for their 500 class’s main event that hasn’t been used in a few years, instead of the standard twenty lap main officials used two Twin 12 mains to determine a winner on the first night of October.

The night belonged to the 500 Class’s current point leader Daniel Bennett as he bested the special format and outlasted his competition!

It was a very nice night out at fastest eighth-mile track around and the action on the track included a very special Main Event for the big boys in the 500 Class as normally they run one 20-lap main event. However, on this night the main was split into two 12-lap segments and after the first segment the drivers pulled to the infield and received fuel from their crews before returning to the track and having their finishing lineup fully inverted to start the second segment. After leading the first segment the black and green 29 piloted by current point leader Daniel Bennett was able to come away with a second-place finish in the segment and bring home the best average finish between both segments to take home the victory and increase his point lead to 9 over former speedway biker Buck Blair.

Track Coordinator Crystal Aden had this to say about the unusual format, “Normally we have a very tight program but this race we didn’t have the SoCal Oval Karters here and we had time to fill.” Aden also explained why the new format was a good idea, “We decided to make things interesting and we went with two 12-lap mains to excite our fans and to open the door for anyone competing to have an extra chance to win points.”

The night also included Intermediate class point leader Lyla Bonham getting a victory and locking up a championship with only four races remaining. Bonham currently holds onto a 44-point lead over second-place driver Trent Johnson.

Bonham also placed second in the JR Kart division. Marilyn Tippets driver of the #58 machine won her second main event of the season. The SR Kart class was a classic clash between the Beeson Boys and “Wild” Bill Martin. The #44 Kart driven by Rick Beeson held off Martin with a little help from his brother Gary and came out with the victory.

In the Restrictor Plate Class things got a little hairy for point leader Austin Brundage as he lost a left rear tire partway through the main event and was forced to drop out, leaving the door open for drivers Randy Oshins and Kayla Pollard to make up some ground. Ultimately Daniel Smissen won the night even though according to Daniel Bennett-

“I’ve never seen someone win while driving like they where breaking in a horse, I think Daniel (Smissen) has a magnet under his car, maybe we should just start calling him Cowboy.”

Not only was it a good night for Smissen but Randy Oshins was able to move back into second place in points after his second consecutive podium and was able to cut Brundage’s point lead down to 15.